Flower Festival 2019


As usual the annual Flower Festival at the Church was a most enjoyable event. The theme of the flower arranhgements was Beatles songs and visitors have fun tryiong to guess the songs represented by the arrangements. Answers below!

Fab Four Flower Festival 2019

 Thank you to everyone who made our Fab Four Flower Festival such an enjoyable weekend:  our helpers and supporters and all the people who entered into the spirit of the event by tackling The Beatles’ quizzes.  The Beatles’ trivia quiz was a bit hard but the winning entry had 13 correct answers out of 20. Well done to them. The Beatles’ song titles in the flower arrangements gave everyone great fun, in some cases trying to remember their youth!  As requested, here is a list of the correct answers:

1.              Help!
2.              Baby you can drive my car
3.              Penny Lane
4.              Yellow submarine
5.              Back in the USSR
6.              Norwegian wood
7.              Here comes the sun
8.              Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
9.              Hey Jude
10.           Strawberry Fields forever
11.           Lucy in the sky with diamonds
12.           Octopus’s garden
13.           Paperback writer