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This section contains articles recorded in newspapers during the late 1700s.

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28 April 1764 Sale of four tenements Ipswich Journal
 22 August 1772 Creditors of John Sheppard Ipswich Journal
7 August 1773 Demands on estate of John Sheppard Ipswich Journal
17 March 1778 Grand Jury Ipswich Journal
 17 March 1778 Voluntary contributions to defence Ipswich Journal
11 April 1778 Horse to be covered Ipswich Journal
6 September 1788 Sale of estates Ipswich Journal
6 December 1788 Vandalism at Jolly's Farm Ipswich Journal
28 April 1792 Court to be held at Bucks Head Ipswich Journal
6 August 1796 Sale of manors of Campsey and Ash Ipswich Journal