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1900 - 1929


This section contains headings about articles recorded in newspapers during the early 1900s. Hard copies of the newspaper articles are now available in the Church.

Contact us using the box below to ask about any of the articles and to see a copy.

13 January 1900 Funeral of station master Framlingham Weekly News
17 July 1900 Marriage Norfolk - Sparrow Bury & Norwich Post
17 November 1900 Quoit Club supper Framlingham Weekly News
4 December 1900 Death of John Buckles Evening Star
19 June 1901 Tender for iron footbrisge near Quill Farm EADT
6 July 1901 Theft of coal Framlingham Weekly News
2 November 1901 Opening of railway bridge Framlingham Weekly News
22 March 1902 Runawy horse Framlingham Weekly News
24 May 1902 Annual fete Framlingham Weekly News
2 July 1902 Death of Rev Hodgson Evening Star
4 April 1903 Sparrow Club Cheltenham Chronicle
6 June 1903 Funeral of Henry May Framlingham Weekly News
4 July 1903 Campsea Ashe fete Framlingham Weekly News
3 October 1903 Death of Mrs Sheppard Framlingham Weekly News
19 December 1903 Golden wedding of Mr & Mrs Lowther EADT
11 March 1905 Fish thrown into road Framlingham Weekly News
27 January 1906 Killed on railway Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette
13 October 1906 Institution of Rev Lucas Eastern Daily Press
17 October 1906 Prince of Wales at High House Truth
7 November 1906 Cricket Club presentation Evening Star
27 December 1906 Speaker recovers from influenza Manchester Evening News
31 December 1906 Mr Speaker's father Northern Daily Telegraph
11 May 1907 Car in flames Framlingham Weekly News
8 January 1908 The Hon Mrs Lowther Daily Mirror
11 January 1908 Death of Mrs Lowther Framlingham Weekly News
7 March 1908 Will of Charlotte Lowther Illustrated London News
29 May 1908 Sale of Talbot Hotel EADT
31 December 1908 Sudden death in a ditch EADT
2 January 1909 Found dead in ditch Framlingham Weekly News
27 February  1909 Sudden death Framlingham Weekly News
21 May 1909 Stealing potatoes EADT
31 May 1909 Fined for stealing potatoes EADT
20 August 1910 Accident at Crossways Framlingham Weekly News
12 August 1911 Barley fields ablaze Framlingham Weekly News
January 1912 Funeral of William Lowther Unknown
29 March 1912 Faculty for stained glass window Northampton Mercury
30 April 1912 William Lowther's will Pall Mall Gazette
16 May 1914 Funeral of Mr R Lucas Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser
4 July 1914 New creamery in village Framlingham Weekly News
1 June 1915 Speaker's War Hospital Penrith Observer
7 April 1916 Sir Gerard Lowther Evening Telegraph
10 April 1916 Funeral of Sir Gerard Lowther Liverpool Daily Post
9 April 1921 Retiring Speaker as Country squire The Graphic
2 June 1922 John Ling struck by lightening The Diss Express
3 June 1922 Horseman killed by lightening Framlingham Weekly News
5 November 1922 Vicount and Vicountess Ullswater Sunday Pictorial
6 December 1922 Guests at shoot at High House The Sketch
25 June 1927 Woman dead in well Framlingham Weekly News
6 July 1927 Marriage of Mrs F C Rowe The Tatler
23 July 1927 House parlourmaid wanted The Newsman
17 October 1927 Guests at shoot at High House The Sketch
7 January 1928 Retirement of Mr Stowe Framlingham Weekly News
25 August 1928 High House gardens opened Framlingham Weekley News
8 October 1928 Sale of Shipdam Library manuscript The Times
27 October 1928 Death of Mr Palmer Framlingham Weekly News
24 August 1929 Head severed on railway Framlingham Weekly News
2 September 1929 High House gardens opened Daily Mirror
24 August 1929 Suicide of Arthur Battle Framlingham Weekly News