Learning to ring bells


Learning to ring bells is great fun. Bell ringing is an age-old art and at Campsea Ashe the bells have been rung for hundreds of years.

Do you want to try ringing a bell? If so why not join in one of our courses for beginners. They are FREE and you will have a lot of fun.

If you are aged 12 to 100 and are reasonably fit  and can climb the 13 steps to the ringing gallery you can learn to ring!

For more details contact our Tower Captain, Glenys Fear, on 01728 747177

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Safety Rules

Ringing is good fun and generally a very safe activity. However, it can be dangerous and very rarely people have been injured whilst ringing. At Campsea Ashe we take safety very seriously and we try to make sure everyone enjoys themselves whilst taking care as well. To ensure you are safe, have a look at our safety rules and make sure you follow them.


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