Pew Poppy-Heads


The Church is fortunate to have a number of 'poppy-heads' decorating the ends of the pews in the chancel. The carved oaken fronts and perky finials or ‘poppy-heads’, polished by countless caressing hands; you simply can’t help running your fingers over the mouldings! Old high-sided box pews in the Chancel were replaced in the restoration of 1869-70, and these cheerful designs on the pew ends – ‘poppy-heads’ being derived from the French poupee meaning puppet or figurehead - have become another of Campsea Ashe’s gems for the visitor.

The carvings must have been done with great care and attention to detail, since the dimples, curves and swirls are each unique: no two poppy-heads are the same, with the sole exception of the pair nearest the reading desk which are in the form of grotesque faces, snub-nosed and impishly poking out their tongues!

Poppy Heads