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Sunday 26th January 2020

9.30 am

Holy Communion in the Church

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Heritage Archives

The theme for the display in the Church this month is:

Church Kneelers

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Heritage Group


The Heritage Group was established by the PCC to ensure that local resources of interest to villagers and those who have left the village are as accessible as possible. Most of the resources are available on this website, many also in hard copy in the Church as well. The Group has no formal constitution and has not set out any 'rules', it is an informal group that people contribute to as they see fit.

Anyone is welcome to join the Group - if you want further information please send us an email below. The Group meets about 3 times each year and organises occasional 'open' events.


The Heritage Group Newsletters are delivered to all houses within the village and are now available online by clicking on the link below.

Newsletter 1 Summer 2016

Newsletter 2 Summer 2017

Newsletter 3 Summer 2018

Heritage Booklet - Our Archives

Recently published, the Heritage Group has written a booklet that gives a flavour of the sort of archives available for local people and visitors to the village to access. Generously funded by the Parish Council, the booklet is being distributed to all househoilds in the village and ciopies will be available in the Church. 

To download and read the booklet click on the icon below.

Campsea Ashe Village Heritage Archives

Village Recorder

The Heritage Group has now taken on the role of Village Recorder and as such is collecting any relevant information about village activities that are happening now or in the future. If you have anytning to contribute please contact us using the contact email below.

Village Recorders have been appointed for many local villages and the aim is to make sure that anythong that is happening in the locality today is recorded so that future generations can benefit from finding out what has happened in their village in the past.


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