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Curates and Churchwardens

Who have been the curates and churchwardens over the centuries. Click here to see the list.

Campsea Ashe Village Voice

A new publication full of interest to local people. Click here.

1921 census

To view the 1921 census summary click here.

Parish Records

Details of transcripts of the Parish Records from 1606 to 1875 are available here.


A defibrillator is now available at the Village Hall and can be accessed in the event of someone having a heart attack. More information is available here.

Our Diocese

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Parish Magazine

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Rev Lucas Book


The Rev Lucas was Rector of Campsea Ashe from 1906 to 1915. He was author of a remarkable book "Notes on Campsea Ashe", the original of which is still in existance. It was written in his own handwriting and contained many photographs. As well as providing a unique insight into life in the village in the early 20th century, Lucas also wrote a personal diary of The Great War and this was included as part of his history. The first section, 1914 - 15 was written whilst he was living at Campsea Ashe, the second, 1915 - 20, after he had retired away from the village.

The original book has been professionally restored by a local book conservator as it was in a poor condition. 

A transcript is also available - scoll down to locate the links to this.

To arrange to view the original please send us an email using the contact box below.


The original document has been transcribed (by Tina Morford and Peter Carter) and is now available below. Click on the links to open the transcripts.

History of Campsea Ashe

The Great War diary 1914-15

The Great War Diary 1915 - 20


Scans of the Original Book

To view the original book click on the links below

Part 1 The Parish

Part 2 The Church

Part 3 The Churchwardens

Part 4 Buildings

Part 5 Land Tax and Tithes

Part 6 Rendlesham

Part 7 Domesday Book

Part 8 Later Notes

Part 9 The Great War


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