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Sunday 22nd September 2019

9.30 am

Holy Communion at the Church


Every Friday during September

Friday Prayer

4.00 pm in the Church


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The theme for the display in the Church this month is:

Fab Four Flower Festival

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Roll of Honour World War I



In memory of the people of Campsea Ashe who gave their lives for their country. For brief details of each person please click here.

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1914 - 1918


Memorial tablet in the Church, believed to have been erected in 1920

Date killed Name Age Memorial


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16 May 1915 Louis Archibald Jarvis 23 Rue de Bois, France  Go
12 August 1915 Charles Woolnough Cory 27 Gallipoli  Go
4 December 1915 Robert Charles May 21 Lemnos, Greece  Go
3 July 1916 Ernest Sharpe 23 Thiepval, France  Go
7 October 1916 George Herbert Mowson 38 Somme, France Go 
13 November 1916 Walter Sharpe 38 Courcelles-au-Bois, France Go 
14 January 1917 Frederick George Culling 25 Etaples, France  Go
19 March 1917 Fred Cyril Benham 19 Barlin  Go
10 April 1917 Frederick Radcliffe 24 Arras, France  Go
11 April 1917 William Smith 25 Arras, France Go
26 July 1917 George Glanfield 37 Pas de Calais, France  Go
16 August 1917 Ellis James Gray 29 Belgium  Go
2 December 1917 William Norman Sawyer 21 Cambrai, Louverval  Go
19 January 1918 Alfred Ling 21

Chatham Naval Memorial

23 April 1918 Bertie Charles Baldry 25

Haringhe, Belgium

5 July 1918 Alec James Andrews 20

Pas de Calais, France


11 October 1918 Thomas William Rogers 30

Pas de Calais, France

18 December 1918 Arthur Collings 29