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Sunday 20th October 

Benefice Service

10.00 am


Sunday 27th October

Holy Communion

9.30 am


Saturday 2nd November

Annual Benefice All Souls Service

6.30 pm


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Red Cross Volunteers WW1


During the Great War, a hospital was opened at the High House and also one in the Iron Room, next to the Rectory. Little is known about what happened at the hospitals, but the Red Cross has recorded the names of all the people who served as volunteers at the hospital. A searchable database was available on the Red Cross site and this was used to find out more about the peiople who served in our village. Currently this part of the Red Cross website is currently down for maintenance and so the links below are not working. We hope the Red Crioss site will soon be back to normal.

Name Address Period of service Duties Rank
Eva Braddock Wickham Market 1/9/1916 - 15/10/1916 Nursing Member
Helena A Castell Wickham Market 8/11/1914 - 15/12/1914 General duties Member
Bessie Chambers Badingham 5/11/1914 - 12/11/1915 Nursing Member
Emma Colman Glevering Park 15/11/1914 - 22/11/1914 General duties Member
Lucy Cracknell Ivy Farm, Marlesford 27/1/1915 - 9/11/1916 Nursing Lady superintendant
Grace Ellen Doy Easton 24/10/1914 - 9/11/1916 Nursing Member
Esther J Ellis Glevering Park 21/10/1914 - 19/10/1915 Nursing Member
Margaret Gilligan Pettistree Lodge 11/8/1915 - 10/10/1916 Nursing Member
Charles Frederick Gross Wickham Market 21/10/1914 - 5/12/1916 Medical Officer Medical Officer
Dorothy Gross Wickham Market 1/11/1914 - 14/9/1915 Nursing Member
Dorothy Heywood Glevering Park  28/7/1915 - 16/11/1915  Nursing Member
Harriet Heywood Glevering Park 1/11/1914 - 5/12/1916 Commandant Commandant
Mabel Knapton Sutton Vicarage

20/1/1915 - 26/1/1915

2/2/1915 -9/2/1915

Nursing Member
Mildred Lowther High House, Campsea Ashe

21/10/1914 - 5/12/1916

Nursing Donor of hospital
Caroline Macpherson  London W11 2/11/1914 - 4/11/1914  Nursing Trained nurse
Laura Muirhead Little Glemham 16/10/1914 - 2/11/1915 Nursing Member
Ruth Buxton Read Ufford 4/8/1915 - 21/11/1916 Nursing Member
Julia Reade Campsea House 3/1/1916 - 11/6/1918 Home worker N/A
Ethel Richards Balham SW17

3/11/1914 - 1/3/1915

18/8/1916 - 4/12/1916

Nursing Sister
Robert Sewell Bury St Edmunds 18/8/1916 - 2/9/1916 Orderley Member
Elizabeth Watson Glevering Park 16/10/1914 - 29/12/1914 Nursing Member
Amy Whitbread Ufford 16/12/1914 - 29/11/1915 Nursing  Member
Hilda White Wickham Market 24/10/1914 - 9/11/1915 Nursing Member
Gertrude Isa Willcocks Norwood SE25 1/10/1914 - 1/1/1915 Nursing Trained nurse

High House hospital.