Surnames F to J


In these sections about people from Campsea Ashe, members of the Heritage Group and others have recorded what we know about these people. Every resident has inevitably contributed something to the development of the village and we are pleased to acknowledge their contribution here.

If you know more about the people listed, or can add any stories about any other previous residents please contact us using the email box below.


Fairhead, Thomas

Finch brothers

Foyster, Rev Lionel Algernon

Frost, Keven



Gibbs family

Goodwyn family

Gorin, Rev Walter

Gould, Barry

(Gould photo gallery)

Graham, Ian:

-  Wikipedia entry

You Tube item

- Obituary in The Times (registration required)

Gray family plus family tree



Hammond family

Hammond, Arthur John

Hodgson, Rev Christopher

Howard family

Howe, Arnold

Howe family





Jaye family

Jeffries family

Jolley (and Norfolk) family


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