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Rectors of Campsea Ashe


St John the Baptist Church was built in the 14th century and it is believed that the first Rector, Galfridus de Castre, was appointed as long ago as 1312.  Since then there have been many Rectors some of whom we know a lot about, others who have left few memories about themselves.

 This short guide is an introduction to the Rectors and some Churchwardens of Campsea Ashe from the earliest incumbent through to the present day and it tries to bring together all the information about each one from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, many of the Rectors have left no historical documents about themselves and so nothing can be included about them other than the date they were instituted to the post.


Name Date of institution Further information
Galfridus de Castre 1312 Nothing is known of Galfridus de Castre other than his name appearing on the list of Rectors in the Church. Castre could refer to a place in France, or there is reference to a manor of Castre near Flegg in Norfolk
John de Shaftsbury 1361 It is believed he was also appointed Rector of Ellingham in Norfolk at the same time as his appointment to Campsea Ashe
William Tyken 1395  
Thomas Brown  1447  
Alexander Ingllysh ? Go
Edmund Briggett ?  
John Leycester 1505

It appears that he was Rector at Campsea Ashe for just one year. He is also known to have been vicar of Stoke Neyland and Rector of Stonham Aspal.

John Bredlaughe (or Bradlaughe) 1506  
John Hecker     1510  
John Shery (or Shrery) 1533  
John Hood  1534

John Hood is the first Rector that is mentioned by Rev Lucas in his history of Campsea Ashe. According to Rev Lucas, no record of John Hood can be found at the Diocesan Registry at Norwich. It is believed he was deprived of his living in 1554, but Lucas does not know the reason for this.

Thomas Borough  1554

Believed he was appointed Rector of Marlesford in 1519.

John Aldham    1567

Little is known of this Rector other than the date of his appointment in 1567 and the date he was deprived of his living just one year later. It is not known why the deprivation happened!

Henry Townrowe 1584  
William Farrer 1607

Appointed in 1607, his Patron’s were the Duke Of Suffolk and William Glover.

Robert Camborne 1637

Ordained as a priest on 26th February 1631 by Bishop Theophilus Field. He became Rector in 1637 and remained Rector until his death, from natural causes, in 1671.

Samuel Stubbinge 1671

Samuel was ordained as a deacon in 1661 and as a priest on 22nd September 1662. He was a Rector at Campsea Ashe from 4th October 1671 through to his death in 1678. He also took on the role of Rector at Hasketon in the last year of his life. His will is available here.

Edmund French 1678

Edmund was appointed in 1678 and remained so until his death in 1692. He became a deacon in 1665 and a priest a year later. As well as being Rector at Campsea Ashe, he was also Rector for Trimley St Martin and Trimley St Mary.

Samuel Fenn 1692

Ordained as a Deacon in 1684, Samuel became Rector at Campsea Ashe in 1692 and remained so until his death in 1719. He was also Curate at Marlesford (31/10/1709) and Vicar at Wickham Market for a time.

Jacobus Chilton 1710

Appointed Curate

Isaac Carew 1719

Isaac was appointed Rector in 1719 on the death of his predecessor. He remained in post until his own death in 1751. He was also Vicar at Bawdsey and at Wickham Market.

Thomas Bishop 1751

The Patrons for Thomas were Elizabeth and Jenny Brame and he remained in post until his death in 1778. He was a busy man as he was also curate at both St Mary le Tower and St Mary at Elms (Ipswich) as well as Rector at Trimley st Martin and Great Blakenham.

Thomas Chilton 1753

Appointed Curate

Edward Williams 1760

Appointed Curate

William Stewart  1778

William was curate at Campsea Ashe before being appointed Rector. He was ordained in 1773 and became Rector at Campsea Ashe on 3rd April 1778. He died whilst Rector  on 28th May 1784 when 'Samuel Kilderbee the younger' took over.

George Benison 1779 Appointed Curate
Peter Lathbury 1783 Appointed Curate
Samuel Kilderbee  1784 Go
George Frederick Tavel  1817 Go
Joseph Parson 1829 Go
Jermyn Pratt  1836 Go
Henry Edward Knatchbull  1867 Go
Godwyn Alfred Archer  1876 Go
Christopher Hodgson 1891


Francis Granville Lewis Lucas  1906


Charles Page Cory (Archdeacon)  1915 Go
Captain Walter Brumwell c 1937 Churchwarden
Thomas John Clark c 1937 Churchwarden
William Robert Park    1937  Go
Mark Meynell 1950 Go
Walter Gorin 1957


Eric Wilfred Rolt 1969 Go
John Meyler Williams 1984 Go 
Henry Victor Edwards 1996 Go
Following the retirement of Rev Edwards in 2012 the Diocese decided to appoint a Priest in Charge rather than a Rector to be incumbent of seven Churches which eventually became the Orebeck Benefice in 2017.
Priest in Charge
Deirdre West 2013 Appointed Priest in Charge in 2013 having previously been Curate. 
Graham Hedger 2018 Licensed on 16th May 2018
Ann Kember 2023  

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